Services:  Design and Engineering 

Timber Artisans LLC has an umbrella of residential architects and engineers we work with for design and engineering services.   We specialize in timber frame home design, but also work with many landscape architects for exterior structures like pergolas, arbors, pavilions, etc. 

We work with the latest versions  of Autocad and Cadwork to provide 3D modeling and 2D drafting services.  Our services can be as extensive as an entire home design or as small as a piece of furniture. 

We produce shop drawings for the actual fabrication of timber frame and wood working projects for other companies as well.  Our detailed shop drawings provide other contractors with all the information they need and present it clearly allowing for optimum production efficiency. 

Timber Artisans LLC can be utilized as the main designer for a building project  or as a specialist, concentrating on the timber frame structure as part of a design team.  

Remodeling and Home Design