At Timber Artisans LLC we specialize in timber frame design and use a 3D modeling/2D drafting software called Cadwork. Cadwork is the leading 3D-CAD/CAM software for all fields of timber construction. Using a variety of specialized modules it offers a complete solution from drafting to manufacturing.  Consistency from planning to production, flexibility and easy-to-handle user interface are features that have made Cadwork stand out more than 20 years. This software allows us to plan quickly and reliably, producing detailed drawings that ensure worry free production and installation on site. 


We hand cut all of our timber frame structures using experienced craftsmen dedicated to their craft as opposed to many other timber frame companies who use CNC equipment to fabricate their frames.  We are not totally against this notion but we find that it takes away from the quality of a frame.  Our craftsmen are passionate about their trade and take measures to ensure quality that a computer cutting system simply cannot equal. We are able to produce frames at a competitive cost with a higher quality.  Our craftsmen take pride in their work and every timber is treated and prepared with individual importance.  Our shops are set up for production and we have a very high standard on output.  Achieving this combination of quality and efficiency is always our goal.


Timber frame raisings are a very exciting and crucial part of the timber frame construction process.  Our goal is to complete our frame out as quickly as possible ensuring that other construction crews can continue with their work on time.  We plan and coordinate extensively from the very beginning of design to ensure that our raisings are efficient and timely. 


We also provide consultation on other timber frame projects where we can help with design, shop drawings, raising plans etc.  We work with other TF companies around the country and support their business as well.

Restoration and Structural Assessments

We offer structural assessments on any type of timber/wooden structure, providing our clients with a technical document that outlines the history of the structure, its current condition, observations, and recommendations for repair.  These documents include photos, drawings, and scientific evidence to support our conclusions.  From these documents we then develop a plan and to restore the structure and estimate cost accordingly.  

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